38.4 Export FBX and Background


Overscan Overview

We modify our Camera Tracker setup and

1. Add overscan workflow incl. dividing focal length

2. Export undistorted overscan footage as images sequence

3. Export FBX


Expression Arrows (Links) are hidden here, hotkey ALT+E


Overscan Step by Step

  1. Add Multiply to bg input of ScanlineRender
  2. Add Reformat directly after footage
  3. Move LensDistortion out of downstream
1. Multiply

value: 0 (Black)

We want bg input to receive overscan size only but not the image

2. Reformat Creating Overscan

In drop-down menu of output format:

Select new to create a new format

Create size

w and h multiplied by overscan factor

I will create HD+10% by typing *1.1
HD + 10%: 2112 x 1188

Set Resize Type to None

Resize “none” works like placing image inside format without scaling, only extending canvas size

3. LensDistortion – Undistort

Move original LensDistortion out of downstream, only use to export undistorted background for Maya

Confirm Undistort is ticked

Distortion Scaling: Important, select size of the original tracked footage, here HD_1080


4. Copy LensDistortion after ScanlineRender
5. Add Reformat before output
Also, add merge node if not done yet

Not needed for Maya Export, but without, setup would be crippled

4. LensDistortion – Distort

Copy the first LensDistortion node

Confirm Undistort is NOT ticked = Distort

Distortion Scaling: Size of original tracked footage, here HD_1080

5. Reformat Removing Overscan

output format: Size of original footage, here HD_1080

resize type: none ( =crop)

6. Select Camera

We need to divide the focal length. Dividing means zooming-out to cover the overscan area

The green connection to CameraTracker is the Link, we need to remove the link for focal length

Remove Focal Length Link

In Camera node
> focal length > right-click > No animation > confirm

Divide Focal Length by Overscan Factor

After last digit, type /1.and your factor

My overscan is 10%, I divide by 1.1


Export to Maya

Final check:

Reformat adds overscan and resize type is none

LensDistortion for Maya is undistort
and Scale to Format: Footage size

Camera focal length divided

Great! Ready to write out

Create Write and WriteGeo nodes

7. Write JPEG Sequence

Copy source footage name and add undistort .####.jpg

Set the JPEG quality to 1

JPEG is good enough as background in Maya

8. Write FBX

In WriteGeo node

file: Use setup name and add .fbx

frame range: Set your range

fbx options: Camera and geometries are a must, point cloud can be hidden here or later in Maya

All set: Execute!