Welcome to the ADM Visual Effects wiki

The site provides a collection of guides and tutorials written for ADM Animation area students, however, students from all areas are welcome

Best Practice

The Best Practice section is dedicated to all Animation area students and offers recommendations on project setup, frame rate issues and video file formats

We expect all FYP projects to deliver a 25 fps final film

You can animate at 24 fps but learn to conform to 25 fps in compositing or editing

Please start with the Project Workflow Guide

ADM Render Farm

An introduction to the ADM render farm

VFX course

The VFX I course DT3002 is run as one of ADM’s Animation cores. The exercise focuses on the integrating CG on live-action footage aspect of the VFX shot production, which includes tasks such as shooting a panorama HDR, Camera-Tracking, Image Based Lighting and compositing render-passes in Nuke


As NTU student, you have access to LyndaCampus training videos through NTUlearn